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Thayer Conservation Foundation

The Thayer Conservation Foundation seeks to conserve the natural resources of Thayer forests, woods, meadows, fields and Gardens. 

Our Mission: We engage communities in conserving, caring for, and accessing the natural lands and waters that sustain New England. 

Our Vision: We envision thriving natural systems sustaining human communities in New England. 

Guiding Principles :  We are committed to integrity in our business and our work—with landowners, community partners, donors, funders, and volunteers. 

We cherish our connection to our region’s land and water by protecting natural areas and enhancing public access close to where we live.

We have a responsibility to future generations to protect those natural areas that contribute to our quality of life.

We believe that a healthy environment and a healthy economy are inextricably linked.

We value the agricultural heritage of our region and the way that working lands complement our natural landscape.

We are dedicated to working with our neighbors to help preserve the natural character of the region.

We value our relationship with landowners who have voluntarily entrusted to us the stewardship of their land for the benefit of future generations.

As stewards in perpetuity of the lands entrusted to us, we are committed to managing our resources carefully and planning for organizational sustainability.

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