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Thayer Conservation Foundation

The Thayer Conservation Foundation seeks to conserve the natural resources of Thayer forests, woods, meadows, fields and Gardens. 


How we protect land :

Gifts of land to TCF are tax deductible for federal income tax purposes and can lower federal estate taxes by removing property from the estate. 

TCF also purchases land, either directly by raising funds through contributions, or indirectly by organizing persons to sponsor a purchase which is then gifted to TCF.

Conservation restrictions:

By placing a conservation restriction or easement on their property in favor of TCF, a property owner agrees to limit the type and amount of development that can occur on the property. Most restrictions are permanent and remain in force in perpetuity, but some restrictions may be for a term of years.

A property owner interested in protecting their property from development can grant a purchase option or right of first refusal in favor of TCF. An option gives TCF the exclusive right to purchase the property at a set price within a period of time, providing TCF an opportunity to solicit donations for the purchase.