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Thayer Conservation Foundation

The Thayer Conservation Foundation seeks to conserve the natural resources of Thayer forests, woods, meadows, fields and Gardens. 


Our Directors

In acting to preserve Thayer forests, TCF concentrates on large tracts that provide a critical mass of protected land, parcels that abut or link other protected properties, and parcels in areas where open space is scarce. Woods, fields and ponds are all suitable for protection. 

Robert Wolfe

Robert Wolfe is the Chair of Trustees for The Thayer Conservation Foundation. As Chair of TCF Bob has cooridinated the Thayer conservation effort.  He has dedicated two years for the conservation and restoration of the remaining Thayer land in Lancaster.

J. Scott Barker

Scott Barker is the Vice Chair of Trustees for The Thayer Conservation Foundation. Scott earned a bachelor degree of science in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Endicott College. Prior to joining the Foundation, Scott continues to work in the renewable energy sector and corporate finance sector. Scott has been involved with Sustainability practices including; renewable energy, preservation, infrastructure, and business processes.

Lawrence Donofrio

Vice Chair

Lawrence Donofrio is the Treasurer and Director of the Company. He graduated from Hamilton College with a BA in English studies. He then worked at Citibank for three years as a financial analyst, and five years as a private financial consultant. He then took a position with Bankers Trust for two years and since 1982 has been a private consultant in the financial industry.